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Cerakote - only a few left

EDC Custom flashlight Check the custom built flashlight page to see which Cerakote colors remain in specific configurations. The colors shown in the photo are Safety Orange, Zombie Green, Bright Purple, Burnt Bronze (metallic), Olive Drab and Flat Dark Earth. Prison Pink is not shown in the photo.

We are completely out of Burnt Bronze and Olive Drab. Other colors have just one or two of a single configuration remaining. We also have a few bodies available in Safety Orange that have various cosmetic blemishes and have been discounted. When they are gone, they are gone. We are not planning on running any more Cerakote flashlights.

High CRI (Color Rendering Index) flashlights are now available

Now you can order custom built configurations with a special high CRI LED. This LED has a nearly full spectral emission that renders colors far more faithfully than conventional LEDs - with a color rendering index of 93 out of 100.

18680/18650 and 2xAA battery compartments now available

18650/18680 battery compartmentWe have just finished assembling our new 18680/18650 and 2xAA battery compartments in both Rotary/Tactical and Clicky styles. You can now custom build flashlights with these battery compartments. Or your can order them as accessories.

The EDC LETM flashlight is reborn

EDC LE flashlight The revolutionary EDC LE flashlight provides true momentary for "flash and dash" tactical techniques as well as click on, click off operation for non-tactical situations. All from a robust clicky interface.

New specialty lights

We now have several standard specialty lights for forensic investigations, game observation, use for maximum preservation of dark adaptation and use with night vision equipment. See our specialty page for details.

New catalog page

We have a new catalog page that allows you to pick the type of product you would like to view, whether it is a flashlight, accessory or type of accessory.

The EDC TacticalTM flashlight is reborn

EDC Tactical flashlight The revolutionary EDC Tactical flashlight provides true momentary for "flash and dash" tactical techniques as well as click on, click off operation with variable brightness for those non-tactical situations.

The EDC RotaryTM flashlight is here

EDC Custom flashlight The revolutionary EDC Rotary flashlight allows you to completely adjust the brightness level with a simple twist of the rotary control.


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