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New web site product presentations

We have been making substantial upgrades to our web site. We have a new catalog page that allows you to pick the type of product you would like to view, whether it is a flashlight, accessory or type of accessory.

We are still getting photos processed so you will see accessory photos appearing over the next few weeks.

Pages that have a link to the custom page now pre-configure the custom page so the light on the custom page looks like the light on the previous page.

And there are a lot of behind the scenes changes to upgrade the site and pave the way for future improvements.

If you run into any problems or strange behaviors, please let us know so we can get them fixed.

Cerakote colors are back

EDC Custom flashlight You can now order custom built flashlights in several Cerakote colors: Safety Orange, Zombie Green, Bright Purple, Prison Pink, Burnt Bronze (metallic), Olive Drab and Flat Dark Earth.

The EDC TacticalTM flashlight is reborn

EDC Tactical flashlight The revolutionary EDC Tactical flashlight provides true momentary for "flash and dash" tactical techniques as well as click on, click off operation for non-tactical situations.

The EDC RotaryTM flashlight is here

EDC Custom flashlight The revolutionary EDC Rotary flashlight allows you to completely adjust the brightness level with a simple twist of the rotary control.

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